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+ + Disclaimer - This prototype is experimental code developed as part of + JSR166 and made available to the developer community for use + as-is. It is not a supported product. Use it at your own risk. The + specification, language and implementation are subject to change as a + result of your feedback. Because these features have not yet been + approved for addition to the Java language, there is no schedule for + their inclusion in a product. + + +

Package java.util.concurrent contains utility classes that are commonly useful in concurrent programming. Like package java.util, it includes a few small standardized extensible frameworks, as well as @@ -87,14 +98,12 @@ Futures. This is supported in part by defining java.lang.Callable, the argument/result analog of Runnable. -

While the Executor framework is intended to be extensible (so -includes for example, AbstractExecutor that simplifies construction of -new implementations), the most commonly used Executor will be -ThreadExecutor, which can be configured to act as all sorts of thread -pools, background threads, etc. The class is designed to be general -enough to suffice for the vast majority of usages, even sophisticated -ones, yet also includes methods and functionality that simplify -routine usage. +

While the Executor framework is intended to be extensible the most +commonly used Executor will be ThreadExecutor, which can be configured +to act as all sorts of thread pools, background threads, etc. The +class is designed to be general enough to suffice for the vast +majority of usages, even sophisticated ones, yet also includes methods +and functionality that simplify routine usage.

A few methods will also be added to the java.util.Timer to support