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ConcurrentLinkedDeque.java  1.6  8 years  jsr166   javadoc style
CountedCompleter.java  1.32  7 years  jsr166   javadoc clarity
ForkJoinPool.java  1.189  5 years  jsr166   code readability
ForkJoinTask.java  1.104  4 years  jsr166   fix typo reported by Ivan Gerasimov
ForkJoinWorkerThread.java  1.73  8 years  dl   stabilize
LinkedTransferQueue.java  1.94  5 years  jsr166   compare longs against 0L, not 0
Phaser.java  1.81  4 years  jsr166   whitespace
RecursiveAction.java  1.21  8 years  jsr166   use blessed modifier order
RecursiveTask.java  1.13  7 years  jsr166   make compute() protected
ThreadLocalRandom.java  1.17  7 years  jsr166   enforce standard javadoc tag order
TransferQueue.java  1.13  6 years  jsr166   exactly one blank line before and after package statements
package-info.java  1.6  10 years  jsr166   Update Creative Commons license URL in legal notices

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