--- jsr166/src/main/intro.html 2004/07/29 11:44:00 1.17 +++ jsr166/src/main/intro.html 2015/08/03 19:24:14 1.24 @@ -10,24 +10,27 @@ by Doug Lea

-This is the final JSR166 specification submitted to JCP. For further +This is maintenance repository of JSR166 specifications. For further information, go to: http://altair.cs.oswego.edu/mailman/listinfo/concurrency-interest. -

Note: The javadocs here includes some existing java.util -Collection interfaces and classes that are not part of the JSR-166 -spec, but are included because JSR-166 methods implement or inherit -from their specifications. +

Note: The javadocs here do not include pre-existing +java classes (for example java.lang.Thread) that were changed +as part of the JSR166 spec. On the other hand, the javadocs here do +include some existing java.util Collection interfaces and classes that +are not part of the spec, but are included because some new methods +implement or inherit from their specifications. + -

JSR-166 introduces package java.util.concurrent +

JSR-166 introduces package java.util.concurrent containing utility classes commonly useful in concurrent -programming. Like package java.util, it includes a few small +programming. Like package java.util, it includes a few small standardized extensible frameworks, as well as other classes that provide useful functionality and are otherwise tedious or difficult to implement. -

JSR-166 focusses on breadth, providing critical functionality +

JSR-166 focuses on breadth, providing critical functionality useful across a wide range of concurrent programming styles and applications, ranging from low-level atomic operations, to customizable locks and synchronization aids, to various concurrent @@ -47,7 +50,7 @@ A basic (nonblocking) {@link java.util.Queue} interface extending {@link java.util.Collection} is introduced into -java.util. Existing class {@link java.util.LinkedList} is +java.util. Existing class {@link java.util.LinkedList} is adapted to support Queue, and a new non-thread-safe {@link java.util.PriorityQueue} is added. @@ -57,30 +60,30 @@ class:


-Method nanoTime is added to {@link java.lang.System}. It +Method nanoTime is added to {@link java.lang.System}. It provides a high-precision timing facility that is distinct from and -uncoordinated with System.currentTimeMillis. +uncoordinated with System.currentTimeMillis.

Removing ThreadLocals