Concurrent Programming in Java
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Errata for the first printing of the second edition

Corrections and Clarifications

Page vi (acknowledgments)
On most copies, a production error lopped off the rightmost one or two characters on each of the top 4 lines. These lines should read:
... many contributions, helping to develop and extend material for tutorials that in turn became included in the second edition.

Rosemary Simpson contributed numerous improvements in the course of creating the index. Ken Arnold patiently helped me deal with FrameMaker. Mike Hendrickson and the editorial crew at Addison-Wesley have been continually supportive.

Page 11
If the applet appears to display only one particle, it is because the Random constructor on your JVM initialized all generators with the same seed. While this is not an error in your JVM or in the book, you can work around this by replacing line:
      protected final Random rng = new Random();
      protected final Random rng = new Random(this.hashCode());

Page 79
Change "... the accessor at while..." to "... the accessor get while..." [Inconsistent method naming.]
Page 81
Change "... operations (size and at) ..." to "... operations (size and get) ..." [Inconsistent method naming.]
Page 170
Change "... at only at ..." to "... at only ..." [Typo.]
Page 252
Change "... expense ..." to "... expense of ..." [Typo.]
Page 392 (index)
Replace page number reference for fork/join from "344-457" to "344-357". [Typo.]

Thanks to Linda Rising and Tom Shields for pointing out errors.

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