Computer Science Regular Course Offerings

Every Semester

CSC101 (Tools for Computing), CSC102/ISC110 (Computing for Business), CSC103 (Computing for Education), ISC105 (Digital Humanities), ISC150 (Scripting), COG166 (Intro Cog Sci), CSC212 (CS1), CSC221 (Foundations), CSC222 (Computer Organization), CSC241 (CS2), ISC250 (Mobile Apps), ISC300 (Ethics and Policy), CSC322 (Systems Programming), CSC344 (Programming Languages), CSC365 (Algorithms), ISC370/HCI500 (Intro HCI), CSC380 (Intro SE), CSC495/CSC496 (SE project), HCI530 (HCI Seminar), HCI550/HCI551 (HCI project)


ISC220 (Info Retrieval), ISC329/BHI508 (Database Applications), CSC375 (Parallel), COG468 (Cog Sci capstone), ISC471/BHI501/HCI571 (Health Info Systems), ISC484 (SW Entrepreneurship), ISC496 (ISC capstone) BHI502 (BHI Methods), HCI505 (Human Factors), HCI509 (HCI Stats)

At least odd-numbered Fall (2017, 2019, ...)

CSC366/COG366/HCI566 (Computational Models), CSC454/HCI545 (Simulation & Virtual), CSC470 (Graphics)

At least even-numbered Fall (2016, 2018,...)

ISC330 (Telecommunications), CSC332/MAT332 (Crypto), CSC416 (AI Programming), CSC420/HCI520 (GUIs) CSC430/HCI530 (Game Design) CSC444 (Compiler)


COG266 (Brains, Minds), CSC320/MAT320 (Numerical Methods), ISC325/HCI525 (Hypermedia) COG356 (Generative/Machines), ISC405 (Digital Humanities Seminar), ISC410/BHI509 (Data Analytics), COG444 (Semiotics), CSC480/HCI521 (Software Design), BHI503 (e-health) HCI510 (HCI Methods)

At least even-numbered Spring (2016, 2018, ...)

COG316 (Cognitive Musicology), COG376 (Comp language processing), CSC445 (Networking), CSC455 (Game programming), CSC459 (Database)

At least odd-numbered Spring (2017, 2019, ...)

ISC355 (Knowledge Rep), CSC435/HCI535 (Web Services), CSC436 (Safety-Critical), CSC466 (AI)


Other courses may be offered in any given semester, but are not scheduled on a regular continuing basis.