Concurrent Programming in Java
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1.3 Design Forces


Readings and Resources

Accounts of high-level object-oriented software analysis and design that cover at least some concurrency issues include: Accounts of concurrent software specification, analysis, design, and verification include: Several specialized fields of software development rely heavily on concurrency. For example, many simulation systems, telecommunications systems, and multimedia systems are highly multithreaded. While basic concurrency techniques form much of the basis for the design of such systems, this book stops short of describing large-scale software architectures or specialized programming techniques associated with particular concurrent applications. See, for example: Technical issues are only one aspect of concurrent software development, which also entails testing, organization, management, human factors, maintenance, tools, and engineering discipline. For an introduction to basic engineering methods that can be applied to both everyday programming and larger efforts, see: For a completely different perspective, see: For more information about integrating performance concerns into software engineering efforts, see for example: Further distinctions between open and closed systems are discussed in:

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