Lab 2

This lab steps through the mechanics of compiling and running applets, using the light example from class.
  1. Look at my version of the LightAppletV1Demo.html
  2. Save versions of each of the listed java source files in your public-html/classes/csc241 directory
  3. Save the LightAppletV1Demo.html file itself in your public-html directory
  4. Compile the java files. Usually, the easiest and best way to compile is from within emacs. For example, when editing java files hit the F6 key, then backspace over the prompt saying ``make -k'' and replace with, in this case, ``javac Light*.java''
  5. From a shell window, type appletviewer LightAppletV1Demo.html
  6. When the applet works:

Doug Lea
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