CSC436 -- Summer 2004

Instructor: Doug Lea
Office/Lab hours: Almost anytime.

This is a hands-on course in constructing, managing, and controlling networked services. During the first month of classes, we'll cover some of the basics (with the help of online tutorials etc):

The main requirement is to work in teams of two people each on a semester project. Each team will define and accomplish specific goals and milestones to create, maintain, or extend a set of setvices.

Each group will also maintain a project web page, with:

Most classes will consist of presentations of two kinds:

Most work occurs outside of class. Class times will be minimized to help accommodate this. Plan to average about 10 hours per week. Choose teams with compatible schedules.

There are no required texts. You may end up buying one or more books pertaining to your project, but most of the useful resources for this course are available on the web.

Grades will be based on individual contributions to projects and presentations.

Group pages

Doug Lea