CSC 480 -- Software Design

Instructor: Doug Lea
Class: T-Th 8:00
Office/Lab hours: Almost anytime

This is a course in learning by doing. We will together design and develop a major project. The course will mainly meet seminar style, and will include classes devoted to working sessions, presentations, and reviews of the project. Other topics surround analysis and design methods, software architectures, testing and evaluation. Also, some classes will provide background on domain-specific topics encountered in construction of projects.

Requirements (Subject to minor change)

  Group Project        65%
  In-Class work        25%
  Small assignments    10%
You will keep a time-log of your activities. Project grades will be based on fullfillment of your roles and responsibilities on the projects, as shown by submissions, time-logs, and observations.

Each student will make at least one in-class presentation, and/or lead an in-class group working session.

"Small assignments" are exercises such as on-line tutorials, assigned as they arise, that all students are expected to do, regardless of their project roles.

Doug Lea