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Javares is a mailing list for discussion of resource accounting and limitations for the Java language and virtual machine. Typical resources include CPU time, memory, threads, sockets, and file handles.

Resource control issues arise in many contexts in Java, including:

Dealing with dynamically loaded code
The Java security model ensures the security of information, but it does not address the robust execution of untrusted code. It is quite possible for untrusted code to mount a denial-of-service attack, where it uses so much of a given resource that the VM in which it is executing is rendered unusable.
Maintaining quality of service
To avoid precipitous drops in stability, a server program may wish to limit its number of active service threads.
Algorithmic control
A problem-solving component may wish to bound the amount of time spent searching for solutions. Similarly, a program may wish to change modes when memory is nearly exhausted.
Real-time control
Most real-time programs run on small JVMs that are almost always nearly saturated with respect to resources. Fine-grained resource control is often needed to reliably carry out intended functionality.

This list was formed to discuss these kinds of issues, and work together toward solutions. It is a public discussion forum that is open to all interested parties.

As of February 2000, this list has relocated to use a new mail server. Subscription details may be found at the new Javares mailing list page

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