Instructor: Doug Lea
Class: 9:35am T-Th
Office/Lab hours. Normally every day 11-12
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Prereqs: CSC241 (CSC221 also strongly encouraged).


The design, implementation, and analysis of data structures and algorithms for data stores, data streams, graphs, and related domains, along with their use in interactive networked applications.



Upon completion of this course, students will demonstrate ability to:


Background on most data structures and algorithms is easily found on the web; useful resources on particular topics are mentioned in class. However, I recommend that you buy the following book that will be referred to as a basic source on most topics, and that you might want to keep around as a good reference: Introduction to Algorithms by Thomas H. Cormen, Charles E. Leiserson, Ronald L. Rivest, and Cliff Stein. MIT Press / McGraw-Hill.

You will also be expected to work through several online tutorials and related readings.


Subject to minor change:
Two exams (35%)
Exam questions cover the design and theory of operation of data stores, graphs, and related data structures and algorithms, as well as comparison of different algorithms with respect to algorithmic efficiency and appropriateness for solving given problems. See Practice exam.
3-4 programming assignments (if 3, the third has multiple parts) (65%)
Projects entail specialized versions of data stores and graphs in support of interactive network-based applications. Programs may not be submitted unless they successfully run according to specification. You must demo your program to me within 2 days of submitting it. Five percent credit is taken off per day late.
  1. Assignment 1
  2. Assignment 2
  3. Assignment 3

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Doug Lea