Interface BoundedChannel

All Superinterfaces:
Channel, Puttable, Takable
All Known Implementing Classes:
BoundedBuffer, BoundedLinkedQueue, BoundedPriorityQueue, SemaphoreControlledChannel, Slot, SynchronousChannel

public interface BoundedChannel
extends Channel

A channel that is known to have a capacity, signifying that put operations may block when the capacity is reached. Various implementations may have intrinsically hard-wired capacities, capacities that are fixed upon construction, or dynamically adjustable capacities.

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Method Summary
 int capacity()
          Return the maximum number of elements that can be held.
Methods inherited from interface EDU.oswego.cs.dl.util.concurrent.Channel
offer, peek, poll, put, take

Method Detail


int capacity()
Return the maximum number of elements that can be held.

the capacity of this channel.