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WISR 1993 Design-for-Reuse Working Group Report

Doug Lea (chair) -- SUNY Oswego
Bill Frakes (co-chair) -- VPI & SU
John Beidler -- University of Scranton
Silvana Catano -- Politecnico Di Milano
Pete Cornwell -- University of York
Maggie Davis -- Boeing
Pankaj Garg -- HP Labs
Joe Hollingsworth -- Indiana University
Voytek Kozaczynski -- Anderson Consulting
Mitch Lubars -- EDS
Eric Newton -- IBM FSC
Will Tracz -- IBM FSC

November 3, 1993 (Formatted for HTML April 1995)

The goal of this group activity was to produce a list of language independent principles for ``design-for-reuse.'' This document contains only very brief outlines and transcriptions of the results.

Doug Lea
Sat Apr 8 09:58:22 EDT 1995