Errors are corrected during reprintings. New printings are not new editions. When Addison-Wesley runs out of copies, they print more, while also incorporating minor essential changes. To find out which printing you have, look at the bottom of the copyright page (page iv) of the book. Then check the errata for that and subsequent printings.

Errata for the First Edition

  1. Errata for the first printing
  2. Errata for the second and subsequent printings
  3. There are also many outdated passages in the first edition (for example dealing with now-deprecated Thread class methods). The second edition contains updated coverage.

Errata for the Second Edition

The second edition is currently in fourth printing.
  1. Errata for the first printing
  2. Errata for the third and subsequent printings
Please also see the supplement entries for the different sections of the text for other clarifications and followups.

Errata for Translations

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